These photos are inspired by the unique identity of children birthed by African immigrants in the United States, and the fusion of African and Black American culture. Our model displays the merging of those two identities, and the striking aesthetic that can be produced by such a harmony.
The leather jacket and military beret represent the Black Power Movement in the late 1960's that crystallized a strong, positive collective Black identity through the resistance of systematic oppression in the United States. The Kente cloth pants, native to the Akan Tribe of Ghana, represents African Pride and royalty, as well as a call back to the African Diaspora; remembering our past, to protect our future. Placing these symbologies side-by-side shows the power that comes from the unity of these two cultural ideologies.
Muse: @ohwawa_
Make-up: @moshoodat
Styling: @afriqueendom
Wardrobe: @chimzifashion
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