When most people think of spending a day at the beach, they usually have positive intentions: to embrace the warm weather and clear skies; for a day of leisure and relaxation; as a way to spend intimate time with friends and family. While these warm thoughts tend to motivate the majority of beach-goers, not everyone visits the beach with happiness on their mind. 
There are instances where people venture to the beach for darker reasons; to embrace the deep blackness of the ocean's endless horizon; for a day of isolation from reality's cruelness; as a way to contemplate the existence of life, and whether it may be worth living.
This photo essay reflects on the emotional complexities surrounding the melancholic experience of wandering in the vast expanse of the beach, alone and looking for answers to questions that have yet to become questions. Whatever the answers to these questions are do not matter, as much as the time spent listening to the static sound of the waves washing upon the shore; feeling the cold sand sift through the cracks between the toes of the feet; the skies grey, exploring the questions with you.
Wardrobe: @installationbk
Stylist: @najahf

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